Jayveeh Long Beach Resort

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Jayveeh Long Beach Resort

Located in one of the islands of the Province of Bohol, Jayveeh Long Beach Resort showcases natures beauty and serenity where you can relax and commune with nature detached from the world of noise and disruption.

At Jayveeh Long Beach Resort, you can treat yourself to mouthwatering seafoods before or after you plunge yourself to the crystal clear water or while enjoying the sunshine at the powdery sand of the beach.

If you would like more adventures, then you can enjoy the underwater scenery of Jayveeh Neptune Dive Site, a newly discovered astonishing dive site of the country. You can also stroll through the sanctuary or the mangroves and be amazed by the diverse marine creatures in the area.

So what are you waiting for, COME AND SEE THE BEAUTY OF THE PLACE.

Jayveeh Long Beach Resort Beach Package
Jayveeh Long Beach Resort Beach Package
World Class Dive Spot
Powdery White Sand Beach
Mouthwatering Seafoods
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