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The 7 “S” of Island Escapade

Sand – enjoy the powdery stretch of clean white sand that times & tide had distinctively carved into a tiny yet enchanting island paradise…

Sea – plunge yourself into the pristine crystal clear seawater far from the pollutions and grimes of the metropolis and industrial wastes…

Sunshine – basks yourself and gets tanned under the heat of a glowing sun while being caressed by the soothing freshness of gentle sea breeze…its ecstatic!

Site – take time to behold on God’s splendor, watching flocks of seabirds fly above a canopy of green mangrove vegetation in landscape where the seas meet the skies…

Simplicity – nowhere you can find a place that gives you the least of man’s artificial interventions…truly a home away from home!

Serenity – relax and commune with nature detached from the world of noise and disruption! No music, no videos but only symphony of silence amidst whispers of leaves, whistles of wind, murmurs of waves, chirpings of birds, all in a perfect harmony of God’s creation…

Seafoods – relish the freshest array of seafood ever and for awhile forget that gustatory garbage made with preservatives and bad cholesterols from meat and poultry.

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Kenosis | May 6, 2011 at 10:21 am

I’ve been here on last may 3 2011 with my family and it was amazing.

Irish alo | July 3, 2014 at 5:38 am

Good afternoon poh..i just went in your beach last may..i super love your beach.may i know f your beach can also accomodate a wedding and how much will it cost..im planning to get married 2 years from now and im searching for a best beach wedding place…thank you..

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